January 2, 2014

Are You Ready For Symposium 2014?

The time is now. The 10th Annual ASG Songwriter Symposium begins one week from today and will be over four days later. Are you still undecided about being there? If so, you need to read the latest Director’s Blog.

Do you believe in luck? Is being “lucky” a matter of random fate or mere chance? Or, is luck found, as they say, at the intersection of Opportunity and Preparation? Think about it! You might come across an opportunity, but if you were not prepared to take advantage of it, the net result would likely be nothing at all, certainly not anything even remotely defined as luck.

There is another saying: you cannot win if you do not play. Such a straight forward truth that even a pessimist would agree, and would likely proudly counter with, “Yes, but you cannot lose either.” Certainly there is truth in this as well. So maybe the more relevant question is: are you living your life trying to avoid loss, or to win? 

If you are reading this, chances are you are a songwriter and likely you are already a member of the Austin Songwriters Group, or at least receive our emails and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If so, you are probably also aware that we are, as of today, one week away from the beginning of the 10th Annual ASG Songwriter Symposium. If you have already previously registered to attend, we thank you for your support and look forward to sharing next week’s experience with you.

If you are a songwriter and have not yet registered, there really is only a handful of reasons that would stop you. The first is bad timing: you are already committed to work or school or some other activity more important to your life than attending the Symposium. The second is geographic location: getting to Austin to attend is a challenge. The third, and perhaps most important, reason you have not yet registered is, quite simply, the money. At first, this last reason might sound as practical as the first two, but a closer analysis of the “money” issue reveals a lot more than practicality that is preventing you from making the commitment to yourself to attend and nurture your songwriting life.

I am not making light of the money issue if money truly is tight for you; however, in life, money is only an exchange of energy. We expend creative or physical energy and we are compensated with money. We then take our money and expend it in exchange for goods or services we value. In the exchange, we expect to receive reciprocal value. So ultimately, we resist expending our money if we have doubts about whether we will receive value for the money exchanged.

This brings us to the opportunity before you now to attend Symposium 2014 next week. The first thing to consider is that this opportunity will not even be available in about 10 days from this writing. The entire event will be over and will not be available again for another year. If you make no decision, you will miss out. Timing, as they say, is of the essence. The next, and perhaps the only other thing to consider is: what can you expect to receive for the money?  So, let’s review the highlights from the schedule of events in store for those who attend Symposium 2014:

  • Up to 300 private “pitch to publisher” sessions with six different established music publishers
  • A 4-part “Business of Music” workshop series facilitated by KUT Radio’s Robert Cross, which covers everything you need to know about establishing your unique artist brand, breaking in to radio, employing effective social media strategies and much more
  • Multiple songwriting workshops facilitated by major songwriters, including Chuck Cannon, Marc Beeson, Austin Cunningham, Chris Wallin, Louisa Branscomb, Marvin Dykhuis, Stephen Doster and others, covering a wide range of songwriting topics from effective storytelling in song, guitar arrangements, writing in alternative tunings, studio pre-production and much more
  • An exclusive appearance and Q&A session with legendary Texas songwriters Butch Hancock & Jimmie Dale Gilmore facilitated by KGSR Radio’s Roger Allen
  • Exclusive showcase concerts throughout the weekend
  • Evening Song Doctor (song critique) sessions facilitated by ASG President Rick Busby and Special Guests
  • All night song circles hosted by the songwriter instructors
  • Networking opportunities with songwriters and potential collaborators from around the world
  • Sunday morning gospel jam
  • And much more…

So, here is the bottom line. Registration for an all-access pass to the entire Symposium is only $295, which includes a free one-year ASG membership ($50 savings). The question you have to ask yourself is: how much are you willing to spend to nurture your songwriting life. The ASG Symposium is the perfect way to kick off a new year, to set your songwriting intentions and goals for 2014, to make new business connections, to learn new skills, tips and strategies that will super-charge your songwriting skills and music business savvy, meet new potential collaborators and overall energize your creative life for 2014 and beyond. The choice is yours.

Success in the music business, or any business for that matter, is not random chance, fate or luck. There is no replacement for hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence. As we said above, what is known as luck is in reality the natural consequence of being prepared to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. And remember, you cannot win if you do not play.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the ASG Symposium delivers on what it promises and is of way more value than the $295 registration fee. The question is: do you believe you are worth it? If you answer yes to that question, then there is no need to delay any further. To register right now, go here.

To review the complete schedule for Symposium 2014, go here.

For a complete list of the music publishers in attendance and brief bios, go here.

To register to stay at the hotel and receive the ASG group discount rate, go here.

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