July 24, 2012

ASG Song Contest 2012 Finalists

It has been a long judging process this year, mainly because we had a near record number of entrants in virtually every single category. ASG Executive Director, Lee Duffy recently returned from Nashville after meeting with publishers, songwriters and music industry professionals in evaluating the songs that made it to the finals. The list of songs that made it to the finals consideration round are listed below, and that list has been further pared down. By the end of this coming weekend, we expect to know the names of the winners and honorable mentions in each category, as well as this year’s Grand Prize Winner.

The winners will be announced Wednesday, August 8th in a special awards show at Cactus Cafe. Doors open at 7:00 and the show, which starts promptly at 7:30, will feature a special songwriter-in-the-round performance with Greg Whitfield, Teresa Neal and Steve Callif, the last three Song Contest Grand Prize Winners from 2009-2011, respectively. Admission is $10 at the door. There is limited seating, so arrive early to get preferred tables.

As you will be able to see while reviewing the list below, there were a great number of deserving songs, which means there is also a large number of songwriters represented. Congratulations to everyone whose songs made it to the finalist round and we look forward to announcing and celebrating the winner’s of this year’s contest.

Below is a complete list of the song titles for the Finalists in each category. Since, we are still in the process of final judging, we are only listing song titles here (without the songwriter names included), so as to keep the integrity of the judging process in tact.

Congratulations to all the finalists and stay tuned for details on the awards show.

When Love Comes Around
Still Learning How to Love
Who I Am
Good for Nothing but Each Other
My Dearest Despair
Back Road Love
Jose Guadalupe
Breathe Again
At the Same Time
Never Go To Tucson
You’re Only Human
As the Story Goes
A Way Out
Sunshine Needs the Rain
Fool’s Paradise
The Way
Will I Ever Love That Way Again
Tumbleweed Girl
The Sound of a Train
That Mississippi
China Berry Tree

Missing You
What If
Good for Nothing But each Other Bluebonnets in the Rain
Don’t Say Your Goodbyes
Bluebonnets In the Rain
Salty Dog
The Days Still Young
The Train Has Left the Station
When Love Comes Around
Twenty Dollar Silver Plated Ring
My Only Love
Chinaberry Tree
Looking At Her
Who I Am
Rebel Road
The Strangest Places
Come Back Coming On
I’m Sorry Just Don’t Get it Anymore
Fell off the Wagon
The Perfect Crime
The Game
Smoking Guns
Aint That the Way
Rednecked Trucker
Drink My Time
From Happy Hour to Closing Time
The Longing Song
Take a Picture

Bone Yard in the Desert
Fades Into Grey
Livin On Crawfish And Wine
Simple And True
I Aint Crazy I’m From Texas
Walk On Down That New Road
A Summertime Grave Yard
The Sound Of A Train
You Don’t Know What Is Good For You
The Real Thing That You Need Now
My Dearest Despair
Rusted Nail
The Day’s Still Young
When Love Comes Around
Starlight Drive In
Life’s Good
That’s Where My Lonely Goes
Taco Lady
Let It Go
Little Girls
I’ll Take You Home
Fool’s Paradise
Kentucky Rain
What If
Brown Horizon
Find the Door
Hear They Built A Bridge
Victim of Your Next Crime
Found Along the Way
Isn’t It Simple
On The Way Out Of Town
It Ain’t Hard
The Longing Song
Come Back Coming On
The Mist
Job’s Song
Gonna Lose Me
A Songwriter

Standin on the Track
Back Up
Someone Tell the Moon
I Don’t Expect It
You’re No Good for me Baby
Temporary Baby
The Light of Truth Blues
No Time to Lose

Love Knows Who I Am
I Will Carry You
I Feel Joy
Thank You (For Loving Me)
Burning of the Days
The Real Thing You Need Now
Deeper Down
Letting Go
Two Hearts, One Blessing
Pray To Save Our World
Thank God, You Found Me
Child, You’re Not Alone
Still Learning How To Love
Lord, Send Me An Angel

Up Is Down
This Rain
Fairy Tales
Found Along The Way
The Sound Of A Train
Been Down This Road Before
Chinaberry Tree
City Lights
If You Believe In Me
She’s Got That Devil In Her Eyes
Someone Tell The Moon
Love Is Contagious
Turn Around
It’s Over

Red Vase
Summer Nights
The Real Thing You Need Now
Love That Was Never Meant To Be
Every Day’s a Present
Mother Nature’s Blues
If I Agree
New Orleans
Boogie With My Bones
The Lonely Goodbye
She’s Got That Devil In Her Eye
Texas Sky

If I Could Sing
Found Along The Way
River Card
Thinking Out Loud
Flower Mound
The Sound Of A Train
Someone Tell The Moon
Tuesday Comes Back
Shelter From The Rain
Have To Be Crazy
Driving This Train

Someone Tell The Moon
Love Me Anyway
Femme Fatale
Play Ball
She’s Broken Down Again
You Put the Good in Goodbye
Open Mic Night
Highway Choir

Running From the Darkness
Hear Me Now
I Don’t Need to Know No More
On the Edge of the Fire
Hard Sell
Full Moon Eclipsing
Whatcha Gonna Do?
You Got To Know
Ride That Ride
The Day’s Still Young


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