February 12, 2014

ASG Song Contest 2013 Winners

On the afternoon of Sunday, November 3rd, ASG held its Annual Song Contest Awards Show at Threadgill’s North in Austin where Dave Ducharme-Jones was crowned ASG’s Songwriter of the Year 2013.

ASG’s Annual Song Contest Awards show got off to a bit of a slow start this year, as an unwelcome computer crash occurred late the Saturday evening before, resulting in all of the winner’s certificates being lost. ASG Executive Director, Lee Duffy and her rock steady husband Brian were up early Sunday morning reconstructing the winner’s lists from manual records and creating makeshift certificates just in time for the awards, which other than a bit of a late start went pretty smoothly.

Featuring scheduled performances from former ASG Songwriters of the Year Teresa Neal (2010) and Steve Callif (2011), the show also spotlighted impromptu performances from a host of this year’s winners, honorable mentions and longtime members, including Dave Ducharme-Jones (Songwriter of the Year), Craig Marshall (Rock & Jazz Winner) Russell Sutton (Country), Richard Howard (numerous categories), Kenny Spears (Honorable Mention Country), and an opening performance from longtime ASG member and former Director Amy Tuttle, who traveled from Colorado to attend this year’s show.

At the end of the show, Dave Ducharme-Jones was named ASG’s “Songwriter of the Year 2013,” succeeding Will T. Massey for whom Ducharme-Jones performs lead guitar duties on a fairly regular basis, while also fronting his own band. Dave captured the top prize in the Pop category for his excellent “Beside You Now,” and also

The complete list of winners and honorable mentions in each category is below.

Lyrics Category

  1. What Does Jesus Look Like (Eddie Dunn)
  2. Daddy’s Little Girl (Richard Howard)
  3. Mister James (Stacy Shamblin)

Honorable Mentions: Little Pieces (John Lane) & St. Peter’s Dilemma (Richard Howard)

Pop Category

  1. Beside You Now (Dave Ducharme-Jones & Will T. Massey)
  2. Her Name Is Mary (Cynthia Redfern Shapiro)
  3. Forever In My Life (Julius Gordon)

Honorable Mention: Standing In A Field of Daisies (Cynthia Redfern Shapiro) & Good Enough (Dave Ducharme-Jones)

Singer-Songwriter Category

  1. You Take The Town (Will T. Massey)
  2. Home (Russell Sutton & Kerry Hotchkiss)
  3. 4-Ever (Rock Barry)

Honorable Mention: I’ll Take You Home (Steve Brooks) & Saul’s Song (Erin Norris)

Bare Bones Category

  1. The Well’s Gone Dry (Spencer Williams)
  2. No More Wine At Roses (Mike Eastman)
  3. Tied: 4-Ever (Rock Barry) & Photograph (Richard Howard)

Honorable Mention: The Bigger Things (Russell Sutton), Another Hug Today (Gregg Yows) & Weather The Change (Greg Miller)

Rock Category

  1. Desperately (Craig Marshall)
  2. Brand New World (Rock Barry)
  3. Beside You Now (Dave Ducharme-Jones & Will T. Massey)

Honorable Mention: Left Undone (Ducharme-Jones/Van Dyke/ Belofsky) & The Hell You Raised (Will T. Massey)

Blues Category

  1. Trade Winds (Louise Kirchen)
  2. I’m Gonna Love You Baby (David E Clemmer)
  3. Force of Nature (Mike Roeder & Phil Bass)

Honorable Mention: Roll the Stone (Jack Geiser), That Mississippi (Richard Howard) & That Girl Was With Me (Mike Roeder & Phil Bass)

Inspirational Category

  1. Story of Our Lives (J. Mark Herring)
  2. Brave New World (B. Sterling Archer)
  3. Tied: Home (Russell Sutton and Kerry Hotchkiss) & Lacrimosa (Tom Cottar)

Honorable Mention: Road of Roses (Will T. Massey) & Bring In The Light (Jack Geiser)

Jazz Category

  1. Just Lucky That Way (Craig Marshall)
  2. Friends That’s All (Louise Kirchen)
  3. Golden (David Ducharme-Jones)

Honorable Mention: In Shatters (Mike Eastman) & Big Hat, No Cattle (Louise Kirchen)

General Category

  1. Wayward Lady (Will T. Massey)
  2. Follow Suit (B. Sterling)
  3. St. Peter’s Dilemma (Richard Howard)

Honorable Mention: So Blue (Richard Howard) & Family Reunion (Troy Neal Tucker)

Country Category

  1. Home (Russell Sutton & Kerry Hotchkiss)
  2. Good Enough (Dave Ducharme-Jones)
  3. Drink My Time (Spencer Williams)

Honorable Mention: She Can’t Hold Me Like You Used To (Russell Sutton), If Only You Knew (David E. Clemmer), Chrome Girl (Johnny Bell), Hold On A Second (Craig Marshall) & Arm Wrestle the Wind (Kenny Spears)

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