December 1, 2016

ASG’s 13th Annual Songwriters Symposium Is Almost Here – Register Today To Save

From now, through December 30, 2016, you can register for ASG’s Songwriter Symposium 2017 at the Pre-Registration discount price of only $250. This is a $125 savings off the full on site registration price of $375. Register Today to Save!

The 13th Annual ASG Songwriters Symposium is already scheduled and on the books for January 11-15, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Midtown in Austin, Texas. If you were with us for Symposium 2016, you already know what a great time we had. For those of you that have been attending for years, we thank you for not only your long-term support, but also for helping to create the experience itself. It is your creative contributions and presence that makes the experience what it is year in and year out. For those of you who were there for the first time, we truly appreciate your attendance, and trust that your experience was more than you expected and hope we will be seeing you again in January.

The ASG Board is already deep into planning for the event, and as of this writing, we are less than 45 days away from the event. It will be here before we even know it, so now is the time to start making your plans if you haven’t done so already. For those of you who reserved one of the Early Bird Registration slots, we cannot express our gratitude enough. It is your early financial commitment and intention to be there the next year that breathes the first life into the event coming into manifestation. That persevering commitment to your own personal songwriting experience clears the path that others will follow on the way to Symposium 2017.

If you have not yet registered, but know you are going to be there, there is no good reason to not save money. While the Early Bird Registration slots sold out, you still have the limited time opportunity to save $125 off the full, on site registration price by registering for one of the Pre-Registration slots.

For a limited time only (through December 15, 2016), ASG members can register for Symposium 2017 for a price of only $250, which is a $125 savings. Please note this is a limited time price and will expire on December 15th. After that, the price will increase. So, if you know you are going, there is no good reason to wait to register and spend more money. Register right now and save.

Produced by the Texas Songwriters Association and the Austin Songwriters Group, the annual symposium brings songwriters and music industry professionals together for a jam-packed, four days of songwriting workshops, music industry panels, publisher pitch sessions, concerts, showcases, late night pickin’ circles and more. ASG will also be announcing the winners of the annual fall song contest, as well as revealing who will be the “ASG Songwriter of the Year 2017” as part of the opening night festivities for Symposium 2017 on Wednesday, January 11th.

The schedule grid for Symposium 2017 is still being worked out at this time, but we expect to post it soon. If you have never attended the Symposium before, and you would like to get an overview about what you can generally expect, we invite you to look at last year’s schedule to see how the Symposium is generally structured. Of course, many of the workshops may vary from year to year, but getting a look at last year’s schedule is helpful to get an overview of what you can expect.

If you’re interested, click here to review the Symposium 2016 schedule to get an idea of what will be on tap this year at Symposium 2017.

To register today for Symposium 2017 at the Limited Time, Pre-Registration discount price of only $250 ($125 Savings), click here

You can also register for Symposium 2016 at the Pre-Registration discount price of only $250 by mailing your check postmarked before December 15, 2016 to: 

Austin Songwriters Group
P.O. Box 17786
Austin, Texas 78760

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and participation in ASG events, and stay tuned for updates and news on Symposium 2017 and much more as we get closer. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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