Business Of Songwriting Seminar Series II

Special Summer Discount – Open To All Songwriters

Back By Popular Demand, “The Business of Songwriting Seminar Series” Returns On Sunday Afternoons July 14 – August 4 From 2:00-5:00 PM

If you are an independent artist and have a new music release you are trying to promote, or are planning a release over the next year or so, then “The Business of Songwriting Seminar Series” is for you. This four-part seminar series designed specifically for independent recording artists, covers everything from identifying and refining your unique artist “brand” and “getting the word out,” to submitting your record to radio and effectively using technology and social media to break through to a broader audience.

Each of the four parts is a focused workshop module on specific topics, which means they can be attended individually if you wish. Of course, attending all workshops is optimal, but if your schedule does not permit, you may register for individual workshops, although you can save $50 by registering for all four workshops at once. Details are at the end of this page for each of the payment options.

KUT Radio's Robert Cross facilitates the 4-Part "Business of Songwriting Seminar Series" for ASG beginning Tuesday, March 12th through Tuesday April 9th.Facilitated by KUT Radio’s business and operations manager Robert Cross (who is also a performing songwriter), this four-part seminar series begins on Sunday afternoon, July 14 from 2-5 PM, and continues each successive Sunday July 21st, July 28th and concludes on Sunday, August 4th.

Unless you already have a team with a booking agent, manager or publicist, handling your web design, online marketing, social media, press and radio promotions, the “Business of Songwriting Seminar Series” is the perfect way for you to gain a better understanding of all the moving parts in building your career as an independent music artist. This 4-part seminar series will empower you to move forward with effective strategies to forge your unique artist brand for success.

The Business of Songwriting: Strategies for the Do It Yourself Artist

Week 1: Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Branding For The Songwriter
Sunday, July 14th @ 2:00 PM

Who are you as an artist? How do you best convey this to consumers? This workshop is designed to provide a framework for packaging an artist for the marketplace. Brand isn’t what you say you are, it is what people think you are. A strategic plan helps control the discussion.

Week 2: Getting The Word Out – Marketing 101
Sunday, July 21st @ 2:00 PM

If a song is sung and no one is around to hear it, was it even sang? The age old dilemma of how to build an audience of consumers for your work. This workshop is designed to give the artist a deeper understanding of the market landscape for music and how to begin a plan to conquer their piece of the pie.

Week 3: Tools Of The Trade – Technology For The Songwriter
Sunday, July 28th @ 2:00 PM 

It has never been easier to get product to a consumer. However, all the various mediums can be a little overwhelming. This workshop is designed to provide an overview of some of the more successful platforms for artists and how they can be leveraged to reach the marketplace.

Week 4: Going Viral – Social Media Strategies
Sunday, August 4th @ 2:00 PM 

Once you had to storm the castle and get past the gatekeepers to tell your story or promote your product. Technology has blown the doors wide open. The question now is, “how to cut through the noise.” This workshop is designed to introduce the artist to best strategies for leveraging social media into a fan base and a market for their work.

The “Business of Songwriter Series” is open to the public and you do not have to be a currently active ASG member to attend. 

The cost for individual workshops is $50 per session. Save $50 by registering for all four workshops at once for only $150. You can register online below, or you can register at the door upon attendance of the first workshop.

To register for one workshop at a time for a price of only $50 per workshop, click on the PayPal button immediately below.

To register for all four workshops for only $150 and save $50, click on the PayPal button immediately below.

Payments for any of the options above can also be made by check or money order, made payable to Austin Songwriters Group and delivered or mailed to ASG at 3800 Woodbury; Austin, TX 78704. Or, you can register at the door on the day of any of the workshops, space provided.

For additional questions, email Lee Duffy at, or call ASG at 512-698-4237.

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