August 10, 2014

Co-Writing Wednesdays

ASG Executive Director will returns with her weekly “Co-Writing Wednesdays” workshop after ASG gets moved and settled into its new offices during the month of August. Stay tuned.


ASG Executive Director returns with her new weekly “Co-Writing Wednesdays” workshop, a members only event that will focus on all aspects of the co-writing process over time. The ongoing workshop is not intended as a critique session like the Song Doctor Tuesdays, Rather, Co-Writing Wednesdays will focus on active co-writing in the moment with other attendees for the evening. Whether you have co-writing experience, or are curious about the process and would like to get some practical experience, this event is for you.

This is an opportunity for anyone who has been interested in co-writing but didn’t know where to start, and for experienced co-writers to find new writing partners. For those of you writing lyrics but are challenged finding a melody or playing an instrument at the same level that you write, and for those of you that have more strength finding melodies and playing your instrument but feel your your writing could use some help this is for you.

Come on out on Wednesday evenings, March 19th to get a sample of what’s in store. We are excited about the possibilities for this event as it develops and look forward to your participation.

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Rick Busby

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