January 5, 2018

NEWS!!! Limited Songwriter Showcase Slots For Symposium 2018 Are Now Available

ASG announced today that there will be a limited number of Showcase Slots available for performing songwriters at the 14th Annual Songwriter Symposium, which runs from January 17-21 at the Holiday Inn Midtown-Austin. The Showcases will take place during the featured events on Friday & Saturday evenings, January 20 & 21 from 7-10 PM in the Main Ballroom.

There are only twenty (20) total Showcase Slots available spread across both evenings, which means there are a maximum total of ten (10) Showcase Slots per night. Each Showcase Slot is limited to 15-minutes, including set up time, with a maximum number of two (2) performers per slot. For more details, and to register for one of the limited slots, go here.

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