Symposium 2018 Showcases


Songwriter Showcase – (15 minute slot)
14th Annual ASG Songwriters Symposium 2018
Friday or Saturday Night, January 20 & 21 from 7-10 PM
Holiday Inn Midtown, Austin

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On Friday and Saturday evening, January 20 & 21, 2018, ASG will host a limited number of performing songwriter showcases at the 14th Annual ASG Songwriter Symposium. Below are the basic guidelines governing the purchase, fulfillment and actual performances.

  • Showcase Slots limited to Twenty (20) total for both nights combined
  • Showcase Slots limited to Ten (10) total per night.
  • Performer may only purchase One (1) 15-minute slot per night
  • Showcase Slots limited to 15 minutes maximum, including set up time
  • Maximum Limit Two (2) total Showcases per Performer
  • Limit One (1) Showcase Slot may be purchased per order
  • Maximum Limit Two (2) Performers allowed per Showcase Slot
  • All Showcase Performers must be fully registered attendees at Symposium 2018
  • All Showcase Slot purchases are final – absolutely no refunds
  • ASG will provide PA System, Microphones & 1/4″ Instrument Cables
  • Performers provide own instruments, and any preferred Pre-Amp or FX sources
  • All Showcases in Main Ballroom as part of featured evening event
  • All Showcase Slots will be confirmed by Lee Duffy, and will assign Showcase date and times directly with Performers
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