June 19, 2015

Song Contest 2015 – Part I

ASG’s Annual Song Contest 2015 is officially open for submissions. In 2-parts this year, read on for details on Part I submissions guidelines, categories and deadlines.

2015 Song Contest Rules & Submission Details

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This year’s Annual Song Contest 2015 will be stage in two parts with unique submission categories and deadlines for each part. The submissions period for Part I of the Song Contest will run from May 1st – June 30th, while Part II will run from August 1 – September 30. The categories for Part I will be listed below and the categories for Part II will be announced on August 1st at the opening of the submissions period.

Like last year’s contest, the submissions categories will be a blend of genre and song topics with the generalist categories of Singer-Songwriter and Bare Bones being open to any genre and any song topic. Each of the two parts to Song Contest 2015 will feature at least eight categories.

There will be winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each contest category and the grand prize “Songwriter of the Year” award will be selected from among those who place 1st in each of the 12 categories. The winners for all categories will be announced at the Song Contest Awards Show as part of the opening night ceremonies for the 12th Annual ASG Songwriters Symposium 2016 in January.

All 1st place winners in each category will be eligible to compete for the Grand Prize “Songwriter of the Year” award, which will feature a range of prizes and considerations totaling over $1,500, including free registration to all ASG workshops, seminars, publisher weekends, house concerts for 2016, as well as free admission to the 12th Annual ASG Songwriter Symposium, including 2-nights hotel accommodations, music publishing and performance opportunities throughout the year and a range of other prizes being worked out at this time. Stay tuned for details as they develop. Please note, if you previously registered for Symposium 2016 and then you win the Songwriter of the Year Grand Prize, your entry fees to Symposium 2016 will be refunded as part of your prize package.

The reason for splitting the song contest into two parts this year is to spread the load on the judging process, rather than have it all happen in the last quarter of the year as we are preparing for the Symposium in January.

The complete list of categories for Part I of Song Contest 2015 are listed below in the Song Contest Genre Categories section of this page. The complete Rules, Regulations and Judging Guidelines are also detailed on this page below.

There will be three winners in each category for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. The first place winners in each category will be in competition for the Grand Prize “Songwriter of the Year” award. The Top 3 winners in each category and the Grand Prize Winner will receive prizes and considerations as detailed immediately below.


  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive a free, all access, 4-day pass to ASG’s Songwriter Symposium 2016 in January, along with 2-nights hotel accommodations during the Symposium, private pitch appointments with music publishers and showcase opportunities throughout the year, as well as other considerations and prizes still being worked out at this time. The value for the complete Grand Prize package is expected to be over $1500.
  • All First Place Category Winners will receive one year’s free ASG membership and free entry into one songwriting or publisher workshop of your choice during the year.
  • All First, Second & Third Place Category Winners will receive an ASG certificate awards designating their accomplishments in the contest.


The ASG 2015 Song Contest Part I will have EIGHT (8) total categories:

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Bare Bones
  • Country
  • Social Activism/Protest Songs
  • Holiday Songs
  • Songs About Places
  • Outlaws & Angels
  • Inspirational/Gospel


  • Please submit only on CDs. Use only one entry form and only one song per CD! Fold your lyric sheet and attach it with a rubber band to your CD.
  • Do not place your name anywhere on either the CD or the lyric sheet!
  • Each CD for each song must be clearly marked with ONLY the song title, your phone number (including area code), and the category name for which you are submitting the song. MUST be on the CD and lyric sheet. See example immediately below.:

Song title: It Hurts to Lose You
Phone #: 512-123-4567
Category: Country

  • DO NOT PLACE your Name and Address on the CD and lyric sheet or your entry will be disqualified.
  • Place ALL personal identifying information on the entry form that accompanies the CD & Lyric sheet for each song you are entering.
  • You may enter the same song in different categories BUT you must submit a separate CD, entry form, lyric sheet, and entry fee for each entry.

Or Mail to the ASG P.O. Box:

ASG 2015 Song Contest
P.O. Box 17786
Austin, TX 78760

Hand-Deliver Your Entries To:
ASG 2015 Song Contest
4606 Burleson Rd., Suite E
Austin, TX 78744

The DEADLINE for submissions to Part I of Song Contest 2015 is midnight Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

Click Here to Download Song Contest Entry Form


  • If you are a Monthly Sustaining ASG member ($7.95/month): FREE for the first entry, $15 each for the 2nd & 3rd entries, and $10 for each entry thereafter.
  • If you have an existing Annual Basic Membership ($50/year) still current during the submissions period: $20 for the first entry, $15 each for the 2nd & 3rd entries, and $10 for each entry thereafter.
  • If you are NOT an ASG member: $30 for the first entry and $25 each for the 2nd and 3rd entries, and $20 for each additional entry.
  • If you choose to join ASG or renew your membership at the time you enter, so that you may qualify for the reduced song submission rates, please go to the ASG Membership Site and bring your membership current, then place a check mark in the designated spots on your Song Contest 2016 Submissions Form to indicate that your membership is current and which type of membership you have. Remember to make this indication on each Song Contest Submissions Form for every song you enter.
  • Make all checks or money orders payable to: Austin Songwriters Group.
  • Sorry, no refunds on any submissions.


  • Contest is open to amateur and professional songwriters.
  • Songs which have been commercially released may be entered.
  • Song must be entered on CD. (MP3 and WAV files only. No AICC files.)
  • Your CD must include your telephone number (with area code), song title and category on the CD itself.
  • Only one song per CD.
  • Typed lyric sheet (when applicable) must be included for each song for judging purposes.
  • Your lyric sheet must include your telephone number (with area code), song title and category. Please include English translation for lyrics, if applicable.
  • Only one song and category may be entered per entry form.
  • Photocopies of the entry form are acceptable.
  • Please print clearly and legibly in order to avoid misspellings or incorrect contact information.
  • The same song may be entered in different production categories with separate entry forms and separate entry fees.
  • ALL STYLES OF MUSIC ARE ELIGIBLE.  Please choose the appropriate category.
  • Each song must be the contestant’s original work.
  • Entrants and their collaborators will retain full rights to all work submitted for the competition.
  • Prize winning songs from prior ASG song contests are not eligible for submission, although songs that have been submitted before but did not win are eligible.
  • Submissions will not be returned.
  • ASG is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected or stolen entries, nor for CDs that do not play in standard playback devices, or for postage due on mailed submissions.


  • Production quality will NOT be considered when judging songs. This is a contest about songwriting, not engineering skills! However, do your best in presenting your songs well, even if it is a simple guitar-vocal track.
  • A judging committee consisting of music industry professionals, including songwriters, publishers, producers and radio personalities, among others, as well as the ASG Executive Board, will participate in judging the songs submitted to the contest.
  • The decisions of the judging committee are final.
  • To maintain the integrity of the judging process, all CDs and lyric sheets submitted for each song must not contain any names of the songwriter(s), or other personally identifying information (except phone numbers) on either the CD or the Lyric Sheets. The only place where the songwriter names are accepted is on the entry form accompanying the CD and Lyric Sheets for each submission.
  • Phone number of Songwriter entrant will be the only identifying information on CD and Lyric Sheets during judging to maintain songwriter anonymity and integrity of the judging process.
  • Judges will use four criteria: melody, lyrics (if applicable), originality and form.
  • The recording quality of performance or production value will not be considered.


  • Finalists for each category will be announced on the ASG website in December 2015, about thirty days prior to the awards show in January. ASG will not be individually contacting finalists by email, mail or phone; so, be sure to check the ASG website, Facebook and Twitter accounts beginning in mid-December to see if your songs are in the running for one of the top three spots in each category.
  • Winners will be announced at an Awards Show Event held as part of the opening ceremonies of Symposium 2016 in mid-January 2016. Specific date, time and location TBA at later date.
  • Entries that violate these rules may be disqualified, and submitted fees will not be returned.
  • All judges’ decisions are final.
  • In the event there is more than one writer for a winning song, winners are responsible for the division of the prize.

Thank you for participating in ASG’s 2015 Song Contest and best wishes to you on your songwriting and your submissions.

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