August 1, 2016

Spring Song Contest 2016 Winners

The winners in the Spring Song Contest 2016 were announced in an Awards Show held at The Mockingbird Cafe this past Sunday with ASG President, Rick Busby hosting the event. Thank you to everyone who came out for the show, which featured performances from many of the 1st Place Winners. Many thanks also to everyone who entered the contest. There were a lot of really great songs submitted and the entire event including the awards show was a success.

There were really no losers. Every song entered was remarkable in its own right and the various judges had a real challenge in many categories in determining the winners and runners up. But in the end, someone has to win. Congratulations to all of the winners in each category.

Here is a list of all the awards.

1st – Troy Tucker and Brian Cassidy “Calling You Love”
2nd – Jim Adams “Hard Place”
3rd – Anna Ford Larson “Shifting Sands”
Honorable mentions –
Troy Tucker and Brian Cassidy “Be Here For Me”
Wayne Gathright “The Last Song”
Craig Irvin “Outside Town”

1st – Wayne Gathright “The Last Song”
2nd – Elizabeth Pendelton “Lean In”
3rd – Jim Adams “Isn’t That The Way”
Honorable mentions –
Trish Richardson “Lie To Me”
Wayne Gathright “The Moments Lost”

1st – Claudia Gibson “Step By Step”
2nd – Troy Tucker and Brian Cassidy “Calling You Love”
3rd – Barbara Bergin (Tie) “Whistlin’ Train”
3rd – Alex Winters (Tie) “Until You Come Aroiund”
Honorable Mentions –
Troy Tucker and Brian Cassidy “Be Here For Me”
Wayne Gathright “Coming Home”

1st – Jim Adams “Isn’t That The Way”
2nd – Amos Ayala III “I’m Walking With The Lord”
3rd – Wayne Gathright “Save Me”

1st – Jhan Beaupre “Rose Waltz”
2nd – George E. Micco “Devotion Revealed”
3rd – David Lewis Morgan “K-42”

1st – Jhan Beaupre “Songs Forever”

1st – Craig Irvin “Gulf Coast Blues”
2nd – Jim Adams “Long Gone Hound Dog Blues”
3rd – Jack Geiser “Can’t Afford The Blues”

1st – Troy Tucker “Family Reunion”
2nd – Derek James Matjeka “On My Way”
3rd – Douglas McNeel “Labrador”
Honorable mentions –
Sue Young “Family”
Meg Englehart “Plain Clothes Warrior”

1st –
Claudia Gibson “Cleveland Ohio”
2nd – Derek James Matjeka “My Hometown”
3rd – Sue Young “Around The World In Texas”

1st – Jeff Ellis “A Heart Divided”
2nd – Brandon Bentley “Up And Down”
3rd – Alex Winters “You Rescued Me”

1st – Wayne Gathright “I Knew Her When She Wasn’t All That”
2nd – ??? “Bounce”
3rd – Elizabeth Pendelton “Lean In”
3rd – Jhan Beaupre “Nobody Loves You”

1st – Troy Tucker and Brian Cassidy “Calling You Love”
2nd – Shawn Tietze “Everything I Do”
3rd – Michael Zevan (Tie) “Until You Turned On The Light”
3rd – Wayne Gathright (Tie) “I Never Held Love”
Honorable mentions-
John Beeler “Please Be Sure You Love Me”
Derek James Matjeka “Step By Step”

1st – Claudia Gibson “Real Love”
2nd – Jeff Ellis “The Work”
3rd – Craig Irvin “Black Dog Day”
Honorable mentions-
Jim Adams “Lyra Joy”
Barbara Bergin “Whistlin’ Train”
John Beeler “Please Be Sure You Love Me”

1st – Craig Irvin “Something That you Used to Wear”
2nd – Brandon Bentley “Home”
3rd – Joseph Brooks “The Way We Said Goodbye”
Honorable mentions –
John Beeler “Please Be Sure You Love Me”
Troy Tucker & Brian Cassidy “Calling You Love”

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