August 15, 2018

Summer 2017 Contest First Place Winners

The winners of the Summer 2017 Song Contest were announced in October. For a complete list of the winners, read on.


ROCK | Jim Heckroth | Blind Luck

POP | Jim Heckroth | “Blind Luck”

SINGER / SONGWRITER | Jim Heckroth | It’s Been A Long Time”

BARE BONES | Jim Heckroth | “It’s Been A Long Time”

BLUES / JAZZ | Jhan Beaupre | “Little Bird”

INSPIRATIONAL | Jim Heckroth | “Since I Found You”

COUNTRY | Patti Dixon | “There’s A Girl”

LOVE SONGS | Jim Heckroth | “She’s Grown Up On Me”

FOLK | Jim Heckroth | “She’s Grown Up On Me”

LYRICS ONLY | Jim Heckroth | “She’s Grown Up On Me”   She’s Grown Up On Me

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Gregg Miller

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