Texas Music Legends Hall Of Fame

In January 2016, the Texas Songwriters Association held the “1st Annual Texas Music Legends Hall Of Fame” induction ceremony. TSA’s charter goal is to honor influential, but under heralded, members of the Texas music community that have helped to create and nurture the music of the Lone Star state into the vital, internationally renowned presence that it is.

In addition to key songwriters, musicians and recording artists, TSA also honors individuals and groups that provided vital support services to the Texas music industry and its artists. Working in concert with the Austin Songwriters Group, the inaugural awards show was held during the opening night ceremonies of ASG’s 12th Annual Songwriters Symposium. Among others, charter inductees included Steven Fromholz, Shake Russell, Stephen Doster, Gary P. Nunn, Bob Livingston and members of the Lost Gonzo Band.

TSA firmly believes that everyone inducted into the Texas Music Legends Hall of Fame has richly contributed to the legacy of Texas Music in unique, and under appreciated ways. By shining a light on these bright stars and valuable support players, TSA hopes to contribute to the history of Texas music. TSA’s goal is to herald the names and histories of its inductees so that their contributions to Texas music history will be remembered by future generations.

The new 2019 Class will be inducted on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at the opening night ceremonies of the 15th Annual ASG Songwriters Symposium at the Holiday Inn- Midtown, 6000 Middle Fiskville Rd in Austin, Texas.

Below is a list of inductees to the Texas Music Legends Hall Of Fame from previous years:

2018 Inductees
Christine Albert
Bill Carter
Ruth Carter
Eliza Gilkyson
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Tish Hinojosa
Willie Nelson
Will Sexton

2017 Inductees
Jody Denberg – Radio
Floyd Domino – Musician
Cash Edwards – Publicist
Kent Finlay – Venue Owner, Cheatham Street Warehouse
Michael Hearne – Songwriter
Jimmy LaFave – Songwriter & Recording Artist
Gurf Morlix – Producer, Songwriter, Musician & Recording Artist
Kimmie Rhodes – Songwriter, Recording Artist & Writer
Dan Strait – Music Store Owner, Strait Music
Eddie Wilson – Venue Owner, Armadillo World Headquarters & Threadgill’s

2016 Inductees
Roger Allen – Radio Personality
Patterson Barrett – Musician
Bill Browder – Musician
Stephen Doster – Producer, Musician, Songwriter & Recording Artist
Steven Fromholz – Songwriter & Recording Artist
Ernie Gammage – Musician
Craig Hillis – Musician
Kathleen Hudson – Music Writer
Bob Livingston – Musician, Songwriter & Recording Artist
Rich Minus – Songwriter
David Moerbe – Musician
Scott Newton – Photographer
Gary P. Nunn – Songwriter & Recording Artist
Shake Russell – Songwriter & Recording Artist
Mike Tolleson – Music Lawyer


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