September 26, 2015

Building Blocks for Success, Nov. 7

Due to bad weather and too much water the last two Saturdays, the final installment of Robert Cross’ “Building Blocks for Success” music theory workshop will take place this Saturday, November 7th. 

The Building Blocks for Success:
Basic Music Theory and Song Forms for Songwriters

KUTX Radio’s Robert Cross facilitates this new 3-part workshop at The Mockingbird Cafe on Saturdays 10/10, 10/17 and 11/7 from 1-4 PM. Sign up now by clicking Here! 

Music theory is scary. But it doesn’t have to be. This seminar will teach you the simple concepts to take your songwriting to the next level. Some of the music theory concepts you will learn in the workshop series include:

  • The twelve music tones and how they relate to one another
  • Music structure
  • What is a key?
  • What are scales and why they are important?
  • Music is math
  • If you can count to 8 you can write any song
  • Time signatures and meter
  • Placing musical tones on the staff
  • The theory of triads
  • Chord shapes
  • What is meant by inversions
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • How chords relate to one another
  • How to create chord progressions
  • Musical modes

Sounds intimidating doesn’t it. Really it isn’t. This seminar will reveal how these basic principles are easily learned and applied to any song or musical composition. You will leave this seminar with the tools you need to improve your songwriting and even how to recognize and play simple chords on both piano and guitar.

This seminar will be conducted over three Saturday afternoons in October and early November to put music theory into bite size chunks and to give attendees the time to absorb and apply the principles. Sign up now by clicking Here!

Robert-CrossRobert Josef Cross is a classically trained musician and former music major. For the past several years, he has served as an instructor for ASG workshops throughout the year, as well as at the annual Songwriters Symposium each January. He combines his knowledge of songwriting, music and business as the Finance and Operations Officer of KUT & KUTX Radio. Through his seminars on the music business for songwriters, it is his goal to give songwriters the tools they need for success.

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