October 21, 2019

Winners of ASG’s Summer 2019 Song Contest

The winners of the Summer 2019 Song Contest were announced at the Holiday Inn Midtown on Saturday, October 19, 2019.  You can listen to the First Place Winning songs below:


BARE BONES | Lisa Fancher | “Hard Time In The Holler”

BLUES | Larry Lorenzo | “Online Romancing”

COUNTRY | Sean Keel | “I Just Know I Am”

LOVE SONGS | Sean Keel | “I Just Know I Am”

FOLK/AMERICANA | Patti Dixon | “I Will”

INSPIRATIONAL | Larry Lorenzo | “You Touch Me”

ROCK  | Larry Lorenzo | “You Touch Me”

JAZZ | Larry Lorenzo | “Just The Same”

LYRICS ONLY | Sean Keel | “The Rungs In Between”

The Rungs In Between

NOVELTY | Larry Lorenzo | “To Hell With You”

POP | Julia Springs | “I’ve Been Thinking That Lately”

SINGER/SONGWRITER | Patti Dixon | “Mothers Know”





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Gregg Miller

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