August 20, 2018

Winter 2017 Contest First Place Winners

The winners of the Winter 2017 Song Contest were announced on the opening night of the 14th Annual Songwriters Symposium, and Jim Heckroth was named Songwriter of the Year. For a complete list of the winners, read on.


BARE BONES | Phillip E. Greer Jr. | “And Baby There You Are”

LOVE SONGS | Phillip E. Greer Jr. | “And Baby There You Are”

NOVELTY | Jim Adams | “Finally Won That Nobel Prize”

POP | Patti Dixon | “Everybody”

BLUES / JAZZ | Wayne Gathright | “Floating On A Ball”

ROCK | Wayne Gathright | “Help Someone Else”

COUNTRY | Jim Heckroth | “You Taught Me To Dance”

FOLK | Jim Heckroth | “That Ain’t Me”

SINGER / SONGWRITER | Jim Heckroth | “That Ain’t Me”

INSPIRATIONAL | Jim Heckroth | “That Ain’t Me”

LYRICS ONLY | Jim Heckroth | “That Ain’t Me”


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Gregg Miller

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